UPCI and UPMC CancerCenter Council

Thomas J. Balestrieri

Thomas J. Balestrieri

Tom Balestrieri, president and CEO of The Buncher Company, has been employed with the company since 1963 where he began his career at the Company’s Terminal and Warehousing Division in Leetsdale, PA. Mr. Balestrieri advanced within the company holding various titles before being elected President in 1990. He was named CEO following the passing of the company's founder in 2001. Presently, he chairs the Board of Directors of the company and sits on the board of The Jack Buncher Foundation.

Tom is responsible for guiding The Buncher Company's continuing expansion and growth within its philosophical framework established more then 50 years ago. The company enjoys an excellent reputation of proven ability and integrity as well as giving back to the communities on which the footprint of the company is present. The company has recently begun to take their expertise into new areas of businesses such as hotel, resort and residential development while continuing to grow its investments in Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties.

In 2004, after observing the work carried on by UPCI, he joined the Council to be a part of the good work being done by UPCI. Mr. Balestrieri feels the Council provides the perfect vehicle to give back to the community at large while fighting this dreadful disease that has touched so many.

Mr. Balestrieri and his wife Ann enjoy weekends in the Laurel Highlands, spending time with their children and grandchildren and the various arts so readily available in the area.