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Jeffrey M. Lipton

Jeffrey M. Lipton

Jeff Lipton retired in 2009 as chief executive officer of NOVA Chemicals in Beaver, Pa, having served in that role for 12 years after joining NOVA Corp. in 1994 as senior vice president and chief financial officer. Prior to his appointment at NOVA, he was with E.I. DuPont for nearly 30 years.

Mr. Lipton previously served as director of U.S. Steel Corp., Methanex, Trimeris, Hercules Inc., and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. He also served as past chairman of the Methanex and Trimeris boards, and the American Chemistry Council and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) America International Group.

He is the 2009 recipient of the International Palladium Medal presented by the SCI American International Group, in recognition of this leadership, public policy advocacy, and contributions to applied chemistry, and the Tree of Life Award, presented by the Jewish National Fund.

Mr. Lipton graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, and obtained a master’s in business administration from Harvard University.