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Contact UPMC CancerCenter and Our Administration

UPMC CancerCenter Administration
5150 Centre Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone: 412-647-2811
Email: UPMC CancerCenter

If you are interested in a career at UPMC CancerCenter, please visit the careers page on UPMC.com.

Schedule an Appointment

There are two ways to schedule an appointment at UPMC CancerCenter:

  1. Fill out the UPMC Request an Appointment Form online.
    • Please be sure to fill in all the information requested.
    • A representative will contact you the next business day.
  2. Call 412-647-2811.

If you have an immediate medical need, please call 911 or go to an emergency room for treatment.

Patient Care Services
Behavioral Medicine Clinical Service 412-623-5888
Patient and Family Education and Information Center 412-623-4733
Cancer Treatment Services/Departments
Inpatient Services 412-647-2811
Outpatient Services/Clinic 412-647-2811
Pathology Department 412-647-2811
Radiation Oncology Department 412-647-3600
Radiology Department 412-647-3500
Surgical Oncology Department 412-692-2852
Genetic Counseling Services 1-800-454-8156
Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Cancers 412-864-6600
Nutrition Services 412-647-2811
Palliative Care Services 412-692-4834
Patient/Family Education Center (Gumberg Family Library) 412-623-4733
Screening/Detection Services 412-383-3075
Social Work Services 412-623-3660
UPMC Patient Relations