Brain and Nervous System

Brain and Nervous System Cancer Radiation Oncology Therapy Services

At UPMC CancerCenter's Adult Neuro-Oncology Program, people with brain and nervous system cancers have access to the largest variety of advanced radiation delivery systems available.

Our radiation oncologists are among the nation's most experienced in the use of:

Radiosurgery for Treating Tumors of the Brain and Nervous System

Radiosurgery is a technique to deliver multiple beams of focused radiation to accurately target a tumor. Radiation oncologists partner with neurosurgeons when using this technique to treat brain and nervous system cancers.

At UPMC, we have several options for radiosurgery including:

The Cyberknife, Synergy, and Trilogy units are able to deliver image-guided stereotactic radiation therapy (IGSRT) for treating tumors of the brain and spine.

These technologies allow neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists to precisely target cancerous tumors, sparing healthy surrounding tissues. This precision results in fewer treatment-related side effects.

Radiosurgery and radiation therapy also give patients, who otherwise may not be surgical candidates, additional treatment options.