Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy and Medical Oncology Services

UPMC CancerCenter's oncologists specializing in breast cancer offer a full range of therapies for all types and stages of breast cancer, including:

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs to kill cancer cells.

Receiving chemotherapy depends on the type and stage of breast cancer.

Depending on the type and stage of the breast cancer, chemotherapy may be:

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Some hormones naturally produced by the body may cause certain cancers to grow. Hormone therapy stops cancer cells from growing by using drugs or surgery to reduce the production of hormones, or block them from working.

Hormone therapies are often given to people with early-stage or metastatic breast cancers.

Targeted Breast Cancer Therapies

Immunological and targeted therapies are treatments that use drugs or other substances to target cancer cells without causing harm to normal cells.

There are two types of targeted therapies being studied in the treatment of breast cancer:

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials and Pathways

UPMC CancerCenter patients also have access to the latest clinical trials through our collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, western Pennsylvania's only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

When appropriate, people with breast cancer are placed on Clinical Pathways — disease-specific treatment strategies developed by physicians — to ensure all patients receive the same evidence-based care.

Each pathway combines innovative and promising clinical trial options with the best standard-of-care breast cancer therapies. Ongoing review by the clinical team ensures each pathway remains the best and most effective treatment option available.