Head and Neck Cancer Chemotherapy Oncology Services

Chemotherapy is the treatment of head and neck cancer with drugs that target cells that divide quickly.

At UPMC CancerCenter, we offer a full range of chemo and biologic targeted therapies for people with head and neck cancer.

Your head and neck cancer care may include medical oncology when surgery alone is unlikely to remove the cancer. In some cases, chemo can keep cancer from spreading or slow the growth of your head or neck tumor.

Your doctor often pairs chemo with radiation therapy.

Our head and neck cancer team works together to decide the best evidence-based approach to meet your unique needs.

The Latest Medical Treatments for Head and Neck Cancer

UPMC CancerCenter is also a partner of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI). UPCI is the only Comprehensive Cancer Center in western Pennsylvania recognized by the National Cancer Institute.

This means you have access to clinical trials of the latest head and neck cancer drugs and treatments.

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