Center for Counseling and Cancer Support

Psychological Services for Cancer Patients and Families

Thoughts and Feelings: Part of Your Life with Cancer

Whether you or a family member is facing a new diagnosis of cancer, undergoing treatment, living as a survivor, dealing with a recurrence, or contemplating palliative or hospice care, you will find yourself having many different thoughts and feelings.

At times, you may feel overwhelmed and at other times surprisingly peaceful.

Almost everyone experiences periods of depression and emotional ups and downs: fear and hope, sadness and joy, anger and gratitude.

You may receive advice on what you should do or how you should feel, but there's no right or wrong way to live with cancer. Each person and family has a unique way of dealing with his or her emotions.

The Center for Counseling and Cancer Support is a group of experienced psychologists and psychiatrists, is available to help you and your family develop a plan for meeting the challenges of cancer.

To learn more about the psychological services available at UPMC CancerCenter, call 412-623-5888, or explore our online resources on living with cancer.

About Our Psychological Resources for Cancer Patients and Their Families

At UPMC CancerCenter, we want to help you take care of your heart and mind, just as we work with you to treat your illness.

Our resources include: