Lung and Esophageal Cancer

Lung and Esophageal Cancer Thoracic Chemotherapy Services

Diagnosing and determining the stage and type of your lung cancer is a main priority for determining effective treatment strategies.

Pulmonary Medicine

Pulmonologists at the Lung Cancer Program employ comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations. They use a variety of image-guided biopsy techniques to determine the best course for your treatment, including:

Thoracic Medical Oncology

Some lung tumors can be treated with chemotherapy, or a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, while other tumors require surgical removal, in combination with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to prevent your cancer from returning.

Other biologic targeted therapies that are more specific in targeting cancer are also used for treatment.

Depending on the type and stage of your cancer, chemotherapy may be taken by mouth, as an injection, or placed directly into the tumor site.

Medical oncologists play a key role in the management of your cancer and often become your care coordinators during your treatment.

At UPMC CancerCenter, medical oncologists at the Lung Cancer Program are experts in use of chemotherapy and biologic targeted therapies for treating lung cancer and have pioneered novel regimens for the treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.

The Lung Cancer Program offers a full range of chemotherapy and biologic targeted therapies for all types and stages of cancer.

You also have access to the latest therapies and clinical trials through our collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI), western Pennsylvania's only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

While many of these clinical trials are only available at Hillman Cancer Center, UPMC CancerCenter is working to expand availability throughout the network.

When appropriate, those with lung cancer are placed on a Clinical Pathways – a disease-specific treatment strategy developed by physicians – to ensure that all people receive the same evidence-based care.

Each pathway combines innovative and promising clinical trial options with the best standard of care therapies.

Ongoing review by the clinical team ensures that each pathway remains the best and most effective treatment option available.

Areas of Specialized Treatment

UPMC CancerCenter specializes in the treatment of lung and related cancers, including:

  • Locally advanced lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Small-cell lung cancer
  • Stage III non-small-cell lung cancer