UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre

UPMC Whitfield Cancer CentreWhitfield Cancer Centre in Waterford, Republic of Ireland, is a joint program of Euro Care International, an Irish healthcare infrastructure development company, and UPMC CancerCenter. Whitfield, located about 100 miles from Dublin, Ireland's capital and largest city, is the first international partnership for UPMC CancerCenter.

Whitfield Cancer Centre was created to meet the need for radiotherapy services in Southeast Ireland, where access to state-of-the-art radiation therapy treatment is greatly needed. This location, like the US-based network locations, is built on UPMC's "hub and spoke" model, which gives patients being treated at Whitfield access to the expertise and technology available at Hillman Cancer Center.

To learn more about this location and the specific services available there, please visit the Whitfield Cancer Centre website.