Preparing For Your Visit

Insurance and Billing Information

UPMC CancerCenter plays a proactive role in helping patients receive quality cancer care at the institution of their choice. UPMC works with an extensive national network of insurance and managed care organizations to provide cancer care to patients.

It is important for us to take photocopies of your insurance cards and any pertinent information related to your insurance coverage. The extent or limitations of your insurance coverage will be verified and we will, with your information and written authorization, file your claim with your insurance company or health care organization on your behalf. If your insurance coverage appears inadequate or your carrier chooses to not cover our services, a patient account representative or a social worker will help you identify assistance programs that may help in meeting your financial obligations.

If you have questions regarding UPMC CancerCenter's participation status with a particular managed care plan, call any one of the numbers listed below at UPMC Managed Care.

Patient billing

Your health care insurance coverage will be verified when you show your insurance identification card and your pre-authorization form on your first visit. Depending on your insurance plan, a co-payment may be applicable. You will receive two bills from UPMC: one for the hospital and facility services and another from the University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) for physicians' services. This bill may include charges from other consulting physicians who may have been asked to review your medical records. If you have a deductible, it will be reflected on your bill. If Workman's Compensation is involved, you will need to provide documentation from your employer. Staff members from the Billing Department are available to address any questions you may have regarding your bills.

Although UPMC office staff will help you obtain insurance authorization to receive treatment, patients are responsible for understanding the terms of their health care plans. Call the telephone number at your insurance company to confirm that UPMC and UPP are on their list of providers. For billing questions about the cost of treatment at any UPMC CancerCenter location, call the University of Pittsburgh Physicians at 412-442-9600.