Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Cancers

Blood Cancer Patient Success Stories

Stephanie Samolovitch, Pittsburgh, PA

Stephanie Samolovitch was diagnosed with leukemia during her sophomore year of college. Determined to beat her illness, Stephanie endured a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Now a cancer survivor, she has dedicated her life to helping cancer patients and survivors.

A Story of Overcoming Cancer. Stephanie Samolovitch, Pittsburgh, PA
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Kathy Reigle, Pittsburgh, PA

"I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia (T-Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia) in November, 2010. At the time of my diagnosis, only a few cases with poor prognosis had been reported in the U.S. There were only five hospitals in the U.S. that had the capability and knowledge to treat me for this, and Hillman Cancer Center was one of them. I received treatments for a few months to put me in remission and prepare me for my allogeneic stem cell transplant at UPMC Shadyside in September, 2011. I visit Hillman Cancer Center for my checkups with Dr. Jing-Zhou Hou and his wonderful team of physicians and nurses who all make my ongoing experience fantastic!"

Kathy Reigle, Pittsburgh, PA

Every cancer patient’s treatment experience is unique. An individual’s treatment outcome will depend on his or her personal circumstances, including age, general health, lifestyle, type and severity of disease, and other factors.