Radiation Oncology Services

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On-Board Imager® (OBI)

On-Board Imager® (OBI) is an imaging technology that employs three different methods of imaging.

One of these methods makes it possible to take three-dimensional (3D), 360° CT scans while you lay on the treatment couch. This type of imaging is known as cone-beam computed tomography (CB CT).

CB CT takes 3D images of the body before or after the delivery of treatment.

What are the benefits of CB CT scans?

CB CT technology:

How is OBI used?

Radiation oncologists use OBI technology to image your tumor immediately before therapy once you have been placed on the treatment table. This ensures that you and the tumor are at the same position as planned originally.

The imaging equipment is attached to the treatment equipment, so that you don’t need to be moved between imaging and treatment.