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TrueBeam STx with Novalis Radiosurgery

This machine is an advanced linear accelerator and radiosurgery treatment system that allows clinicians to target tumors in difficult or hard to reach areas.

What is it?

This machine uses sophisticated imaging technology called ExacTrac® to capture images of your tumor, even when your tumor moves due to your natural breathing patterns. The machine uses these images to confirm that the radiation beams are always targeting your tumor.

Because tumors aren't perfectly round in size, TrueBeam STx can alter the shape of the radiation beam to match the shape of your tumor, which may decrease the amount of radiation delivered to healthy surrounding tissue.

The machine treats the following diseases and other benign tumors:

  • Spinal cancer
    • Meningiomas
    • Neurofibromas
    • Schwannomas
    • Vascular malformations
  • Variety of recurrent and inoperable tumors
  • Oligometastasis (cancer that has spread, but is still confined to one organ)

TrueBeam STx can perform a number of radiation treatments. Depending on your type and stage of cancer, your doctor may recommend one of the following treatments on the TrueBeam STx:

Your treatment plan will be determined by your doctor with your input. Your type of treatment will depend on your age and the type and stage of your cancer.

Benefits of TrueBeam STx with Novalis Radiosurgery:

What can I expect during treatment?

Watch patient videos to see what to expect during treatment and to learn more about TrueBeam STx with Novalis Radiosurgerytreatments.