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About Novalis Powered by TrueBeam™ STx powered by Novalis Radiosurgery

The Novalis powered by TrueBeam™ STx system, developed by Varian Medical Systems and BrainLab, Inc., is an advanced linear accelerator and radiosurgery treatment system capable of delivering fast and precise, noninvasive, image-guided radiosurgery for a variety of tumor types.

TrueBeam STx delivers many forms of advanced treatments, including:

The ability to choose between these different radiotherapies represents a level of flexibility for tailoring your treatment.

TrueBeam STx’s image-guided treatment:

In addition to faster treatments, TrueBeam STx’s enhanced communication technology enables a constant interaction between you and your therapist operating the equipment, creating a virtual presence of the therapist in the treatment room.

What can I expect during TrueBeam STx treatment?

The radiosurgical team of oncologists and radiation physicists:

Watch informational patient videos to learn more about TrueBeam treatments.

TrueBeam STx provides accurate treatment, which may allow for higher doses of radiation to be placed in smaller areas.

Where can I receive TrueBeam STx treatments?

TrueBeam STx treatment is presently only available at Mary Hillman Jennings Radiation Oncology Center at UPMC Shadyside.

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