Volunteer and Community Services

Inspire by Example: Volunteer Testimonials

This has been a great place to come to volunteer!Jackie, Administrative Volunteer

A most memorable exchange with a patient was hearing the patient say I'm free, I'm free” after receiving wonderful news from the doctor.” Fran, Clinical Liaison Volunteer

I love volunteering on the inpatient unit. I'm impressed with how grateful the nurses are when I do even the slightest thing. They never fail to express their thanks. [They are] wonderful people.John, Inpatient Unit Volunteer

As I reflect on my years as a volunteer, I am reminded that even the smallest kindness can make an unforgettable impact. The patients of 7West have given me so much more than I could ever hope to give them in return. It is an honor to spend time with each and every person, even for the briefest of moments.Jennifer, Inpatient Unit Volunteer

For two years, I have looked forward to Thursdays when it is my privilege to escort new patients to their doctor's appointments. I'm always amazed by their courage, upbeat attitude, and positive response to a simple smile or a cup of coffee. Although I have volunteered in other areas, this position fills my heart with gratitude for the opportunity to feel as though I'm really making a difference.Jo, Patient Guide Volunteer

Since both my husband and I are cancer survivors, I find it very rewarding volunteering with people who are receiving treatment.Joann, Clinical Liaison Volunteer

Having experienced the impact of cancer firsthand, I am very glad to provide welcoming information to new patients. The environment that exists within the Resource Center is loving and informative because of staff members, Marina and Lynda. It is a privilege to help carry out the mission of being of help to patients, their family, and friends.Barbara, Gumberg Patient Resource Center Volunteer

I am so happy that a pet therapy program has begun at Hillman. My job is to drive and push the elevator buttons. Tillie is the one that works the magic with the patients, their supporters, and the staff. It is a beautiful, rewarding thing to watch every week.Courtney, Pet Therapy Volunteer

I just want to say how great of an opportunity and experience volunteering has been, and I will most definitely be interested in continuing it again in future.Ellie, Patient Guide Volunteer